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About Kelly

Kelly is a mother, wife, and a poet. She suffered with post natal depression for 5 years before finding poetry. Writing has helped her overcome her struggles and find a way through dark times. She now writes to help other people, to encourage, to give inspiration and to motivate.
Writing poetry comes naturally and she will find herself writing whilst in random situations. She will put her shopping basket down, step out halfway through a shower, stop the car on a journey, sit up in the middle of the night, whenever a poem comes to her, she will stop what she is doing and write it down.
She will then share the poems on social media. She shares much of her work instantly and shares from the heart. She writes for those that need comfort, that need a focus, that need encouragement. She writes to help those that need it, she writes for you.
As well as writing positive poetry, Kelly also creates educational poetry card packs. She has a BSc (Hons) Environmental Science degree, and spent many years studying and working with wildlife. Whilst at university she realised that she remembered things better when written in rhyme and has since found that her children learn in the same way. The card packs have now been enjoyed by thousands of children and have brought a new and fun way of learning to homes and classrooms.


As well as creating educational card packs and positive poetry books, Kelly is also a full time carer to her autistic son. She works entirely around caring for her two children which means many late nights and working during points in the day when she is not needed by her children.

Kelly has big plans for her little business and cannot wait to share this journey with you all.

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