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Poetry For Business


Beautiful items and I’d have no hesitation in recommending these products. I’ll definitely be back to buy more items as they are perfect for my own children and my children at work (I’m a Head of Year at a secondary school). Just love them and the intentions of this seller. 

Kelly - Etsy

Kelly’s book ..... The Little Book of Positivity is absolutely fantastic, I found so many poems that really resonated with me .... Stop Saying When, Give Yourself Time, Be Humble, Our Minds and Unique ...... to name a few. The book has been beautiful written and illustrated by this amazing author, and is filled to the brim with positive vibes, definitely one for cwtching up with on a bad day to recharge yourself with some positivity. Since having the book I’ve been picking it up to have a little daily dose of positivity 

Hayley - Etsy

Giving credit where credit is due!!! How could something be even prettier in person??? I’m in love with my prints! I actually requested some hornbills and it was nothing short of amazing. She is officially my go-to person for images of animals. I already ran out of wall space [and maybe money] but I’m obsessed. There’s something about the detail and yet the simplicity of the image. I recommend Kelly 10/10 and then some!
Also, it arrived earlier than expected so I was super stoked!

Amanda - Etsy
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