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Ink Painting With Marbles

Ink Painting With Marbles

Painting with marbles is something I think many of us enjoyed doing as children and our children enjoy doing it still, but I thought I would mix it up. I ordered some Sumi Ink from Amazon for a new project I am working on and came up with the idea of marble ink painting. 
Sumi Ink Craft Activity

What you need:

Ink, marbles, a teaspoon, a tray (we used a box lid), small pot, paper, paint (preferably watercolour) and brushes.
Keep a wash cloth close by because the ink can get messy but it is easy to wipe off hard surfaces if you use Sumi ink.

What to do:

Tape a sheet of paper to the tray, make sure the tray has a lip to prevent the marbles rolling off. Put the marbles in the little pot and pour a half teaspoon amount of ink into the pot with the marbles. Next you need to roll the marbles around the pot covering them in the ink. Then, using the spoon, scoop up the ink covered marbles and plop them onto the paper. You want to drop them on to give a good starting pattern to work with.
Marble ink painting
Once you have rolled the marbles around the paper you then scoop up the marbles and put them back in the pot. Then remove the paper from the tray and leave it to dry. It needs to be left found around 24 hours before you paint to help prevent ink spreading.
Sumi ink marble painting
Once dry you can then use the ink pattern created by the marbles to do some zen painting. Just allow your mind to relax whilst finding the gaps for you to then fill in as you please.
Kids Craft Ideas
This was a fun activity for all the family. My daughter, my husband and my mum all joined me in this zen painting exercise. 
Give it a go and share your finished pieces on social media, tag me @kellythepoet so I can see your beautiful creations.
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