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Writing Poetry - For Beginners

I get asked at least once a week how I got into poetry and do I have tips on writing poetry. So here are your questions answered. 

Sit back with a cuppa and have a read

How did I get into poetry

 After suffering from post natal depression and PTSD I started writing my thoughts down. This helped with my recovery process. I would write about how I was feeling but also wrote positive poems to help me through. I have written several children’s stories in the past, none of which have been published, but I’ve always dreamed of being an author. I have only ever been able to write in rhyme, and publishers often prefer prose.

What inspires me

Anything and everything. My best poems often come from a place of pain and anxiety. My son has various complex disorders and I spend majority of my time fighting for him as well as trying to bring him up the best I can. This causes a lot of stress and anxiety which I then use in my poetry. Sometimes I will watch a film, or talk to friends, and their stories inspire me. Most of the time I will be doing something random like having a shower and a poem will just come to me. I will stop what I’m doing and write it down.

Where would I like to go with my poetry

I still want to be a children’s author, the next Dr Seuss or Julia Donaldson. I believe I have what it takes it’s just persuading publishers that I do. I would just love to have my books in Waterstones, that is a dream. I want to create quite a few more packs of cards, I have 19 different topics that I have planned, and probably enough poetry to fill them all. A big dream of mine would be to stand on stage and do motivational speaking, although I’ll be shaking with nerves the entire time.

Being interviewed on a podcast 

Tips for those that would like to get into poetry:

  • My number one tip is to write. Write whatever comes to mind, write wherever you are, write about anything and everything. Just write.
  • My next tip is to read. I love simple or nonsense poetry. Dr Seuss fascinates me and I would love to be recognised like he is. I tend to read a lot of children’s poetry as I have children. But you should find books on poetry that you enjoy reading and read them a lot. Use Instagram and look on #poetry or #rhyme to get some ideas of what others write.
  • My third tip is to ignore other people’s opinions. Writing is an art form, there is no wrong or right way, just look at Shakespeare. A lot of people will tell you there is, but there really isn’t. If others enjoy your work then you are a poet, if you enjoy your work, then you are a poet. No one else’s opinion matters, unless you are trying to sell to that person. I make a ridiculous number of spelling mistakes, and I am often picked up on it, there are probably errors on this blog post, but I am only human, I make mistakes, those mistakes are part of my writing process. 

I honestly don’t believe that you need a degree in creative writing or English literature to be able to write. All you need is three things; a pen, a piece of paper, and your imagination.

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